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Private Companies and Public Authorities

We provide design and laying services either to private companies or public authorities.

Interior Design

We collaborate with architects and designers for interior design and Pietra Serena paving and coating projects.

General Constructions

We supply our Pietra Serena for construction interventions and we provide consulting services on the selection of products and technical solutions.

Home Building

Our services are also available for private houses; we advise and work alongside our customers throughout the whole project.

Pietra Serena (Florentine Macigno Stone) is the great material which best represents and symbolizes the Tuscan cultural and architectural heritage. Pietra Serena is, in fact, the most traditional Tuscan stone; first used in local rural building, it has been gradually crossing its original geographical borders and has been gaining a new aesthetic value throughout the centuries. It is now considered as one of the greatest architectural and ornamental material and may be used for the most innovative applications. The reinterpretations of the peculiar properties and performances of Pietra Serena place it within a modernization process according to its several purposes, either structural and ornamental.

Download our brochure and technical datasheets of our stones