The Pietra Serena of Firenzuola by Calamini Urbano Firm

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The Pietra Serena of Firenzuola by Calamini Urbano firm

The Pietra Serena Sandstone from Firenzuola is a material that represents our great cultural, artistic and architectural heritage.

This Tuscan stone is the symbol of the Florentine Renaissance. As a matter of fact, from the second half of the 14th century up to the present, this natural stone is considered a synonym of prestige and elegance. Thanks to its high workability the Pietra Serena sandstone adapts to any type of construction, from major contemporary architectural works, to the renovation of historic buildings, to urban furniture as well as sculptures.
The Pietra Serena Stone is the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor stone tile finishing, since this natural stone creates a well-balanced play of light combined with fine and distinctive classic details. The technique to process the Pietra Serena Sandstone extracted from Calamini Urbano’s quarries is the solution to our customer needs. Our Strengths





Our achievements outdoor

General Constructions

We supply our Pietra Serena tiles for construction interventions and we offer consulting services to define products and technical solutions.

Interior design

We work together with architects and designers for interior design and any paving and coating projects involving the Pietra Serena.

Private Companies and Public Entities

We provide design and laying services either to private companies or public entities Interior Design

Home Building

Our services are also available for private housing. We work together with our customers supporting them over the whole project.

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The Pietra Serena of Firenzuola in a Nutshell

Extracted from the Urbano Calamini’s quarries, the Pietra Serena of Firenzuola is the material that embodies and enhances the expression of a great cultural and architectural heritage.
As a matter of fact, thanks to our processing and finishing methods, today the Pietra Serena of Firenzuola has gained a new aesthetic value. This natural sandstone has always been considered as a “local stone”, since it was very common in the local rural architectural landscape.
By using Scalpello, Subbia and Martellina the stonemasons accurately chiselled amazing works of art. The Pietra Serena of Firenzuola reached its maximum architectural value when it crossed local territorial boundaries and reached new and more advanced applicative concepts in the various fields, from architecture to art.
The reinterpretation of the fundamental qualities of the “Pietra Dura di Firenzuola”, place this material as a part of a renewal process. In fact, it has acquired a greater world value thanks to its innovative application and use both in the structural and decorative areas.

The Chemical Composition of the Pietra Serena

The Pietra Serena is a sandstone also known as sedimentary stone. This limestone formation was formed by the cementation of sand coming from different geologic ages, due to the corrosive action of local rivers, seas and lakes.
Calcium carbonate is the binder in the form of calcite, aragonite or, less commonly, iron oxide or silica. This natural stone is, in fact, one of the few stones to maintain a chromatic consistency given the purity of the material.

For the supply of machinery and products for quarrying, processing, finishing and laying of the

Slabs of Pietra di Firenzuola.

We use the best components and the most sophisticated techniques for processing our sandstone stone. Moreover, we use the best equipment and the most reliable machinery supplied by world leading companies.
Following, some of the companies that have provided us with machinery for sandstone extraction and processing in our Firenzuola quarries.

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Our customers are very important to us. That is why we rely only on world-leading companies to provide our services.

For worldwide logistics and transport services, we work together with companies that can satisfy our very attentive processes. We have selected our partners over decades of activity. Here are some of the most renewed.

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Brento Alta Sandstone Quarry Quarrying by Drilling and Blasting

The quarrying activities carried out to extract the Pietra Serena in Firenzuola comprise several phases. In open-pit quarries, the preliminary operation consists in the elimination of the first layers of soil over the area selected to carry out the extraction. The next action consists in the removal, through excavation work and with the use of explosives.

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